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Wednesday October 18 2017
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Marche region


Marche region

Via Gentile da Fabriano, 9
60125 Ancona
Phone: 071 8061

URP: 800 222111
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General Information

Nation: Italy
capital City: Ancona
5 provinces
236 Municipality
surface: 9.344,89 sq km
Population: 1.559.306 inhabitants
Density: 166 inhabitants per square km

Le Marche is a region of central Italy with Ancona capital.
Bordering the Emilia-Romagna, the Republic of San Marino, Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo, Lazio and the Adriatic Sea.

Le Marche region of central Italy, is located on the side and occupies the middle Adriatic 9.694 ² miles of Italian territory.
It takes the form of an irregular pentagon and grows mostly vertically from north to south.

The region is dominated by hills, the 68,8% of the territory, while the remaining 31,2% is mountainous.

The coastline is characterized by wide sandy beaches, with the exception of Monte Conero, which is the highest point on the sea side.
The other two coastal mountains are the two hills that surround the city of Pesaro: the hill San Bartolo and dell'Ardizio hill.

As we proceed inwards of the country side, an area that stretches 200 km from north to south.
The sweetness and grace are the two adjectives that describe the magnificence of this landscape, the human eye will never forget.

The Apennine zone do not notice very high peaks, the highest mountain group is the picturesque Sibillini mountains, straddling the provinces of Ascoli Piceno and Macerata, of which Mount Carrier (d. 2478) masters.

Other important mountains in the region are: Monte Nerone (d. 1526), Monte Catria (d. 1702), Monte San Vicino (d. 1479), Monte Pennino (d. 1570), Monte Rotondo (d. 2103), Monte Fema (m. 1575), Mount Prior (d. 2334), Monte Bove (d. 2143), Monte Sibilla (d. 2175), Monte Vallelunga (d. 2221), Monte Porche (d. 2335), Monte Argentella (m . 2201).

The climate is mild with slight temperature changes from season to season: hot summers, but refreshed by the breeze from the seas, cold winters with rainy season.
In the mountainous areas cool summers and cold winters with ample opportunity to snow.

The Marche economy is made better by a highly specialized thriving small-medium industries evenly distributed throughout its territory, but mainly concentrated in the coast and in the valleys.

Among the prominent areas we can find: the footwear industry, in many centers in the provinces of Macerata, Fermo and Ascoli Piceno, the furniture industry and mechanical industry Pesaro, those mechanics, molds and wine of Castelli di Jesi, home of Verdicchio ; the largest shipbuilding industry of Fano and Ancona; the industry of household appliances Fabriano and then the tourist, every year more and more flourishing thanks to the many beaches and artistic centers, which attract many tourists from Italy and Europe.

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