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Sunday August 19 2018
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Via Rosa Raimondi Garibaldi, 7
00145 Rome
Phone: 06 51681

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General Information

Nation: Italy
capital City: Roma
5 provinces
378 Municipality
surface: 17.214,71 sq km
Population: 5.897.854 inhabitants
Density: 342 inhabitants per square km

Lazio is an administrative region in central Italy with Rome as its capital.
Bordered to the north-west of Tuscany, north of Umbria, north-east with Marche, east with Abruzzo and Molise, in the south-east with Campania, south-west with the Tyrrhenian Sea and inside the Vatican City.
The Lazio region of central Italy, is located on the Tyrrhenian side of medium and occupies 17.203 km of Italian territory, extending from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Its territory is not homogenous physical characteristics, indeed, one could say that is characterized by its heterogeneity, it is still an area with a predominantly mountainous and hilly plains which are located near the coast.

Starting from the north west of the region, there are three distinct groups of modest size ranges: the Volsino, the Monti Cimini and Sabatini Mountains. A common feature of these mountains is their volcanic origin, as evidenced not only by the geological elements, the presence, in each of these, a lake; Volsini on Lake Bolsena, Vico Lake on Cimini and Lake Bracciano on Sabatini.
These mountains slope gently towards the Maremma plain to the west, and to the valley of the Tiber River to the east, the two most northern plains of Lazio. The Maremma here finds its southern limit, in Tolfa Mountains.
In the eastern part of Lazio are the highest mountains of the region, reaching with 2458 m. the Gorzano their highest point. It is this, a small portion of the Apennines, which runs diagonally from north to south. Here we find the mountain ranges of mountains Reatini, of the Sabine Mountains, the Simbruinis and Ernici.
In the medium southern Lazio, starting from the Alban Hills, we find a whole host of other mountain ranges, which runs parallel to the Apennines, which are separated by the valley of the Ciociaria flowing with Sacco and Liri, which ends its run in the Tyrrhenian Sea in near the border with Campania, it comes Lepinis of Ausoni and Aurunci.

Even the Colli Albani hills of modest size, are of volcanic origin, and even here the volcanic lakes are numerous: the lakes of Albano and Nemi, the now dry lake basin of Ariccia and ponds fossils Giuturna (in the Roman Forum at the Temple of Vesta), Valle Marciana (Grottaferrata) and, to the north, Pantano Secco (Mount Compass), Prata Pigs (Tusculum) and Castiglione (or lake of Gabii).
The Roma area is occupied dall'Agro Romano continues towards the south, always following the coastline, in the Pontine Marshes, which up to the reclamation made by the 1930 1940, was covered by marshes.
The coast of Lazio is very smooth, low and sandy, and despite this there are the "bosses" as the Cape Linaro south of Civitavecchia, the mouth of the Tiber River between the towns of Rome and Fiumicino, south of the river are in succession the promontory of Anzio and Nettuno, Monte Circeo, which stands isolated between land and sea, and the promontory of Gaeta, near the border with Campania.
Gaeta is located right in front of the Pontine Archipelago, made up of six small islands, all of volcanic origin.
The Tiber is the largest river in the region; there comes from Umbria, first with trends towards the southeast, but then bends towards the southwest, to cross all the agro romano to the sea.
The main tributaries of the Tiber are the Paglia and the Treia, on the right side, and the Black, and the Aniene on the left side.
Further south, with a trend reminiscent of the Tiber we find the Sacco and Liri, while in the northern part of the region there are other smaller rivers like Fiora, Marta and the Arrochar, which descend directly to the sea with a relatively course short.

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