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Sunday August 19 2018
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General Information

Nation: Italy
capital City: Napoli
5 provinces
550 Municipality
surface: 13.587,00 sq km
Population: 5.835.044 inhabitants
Density: 429 inhabitants per square km

Campania is a region of southern Italy.
It has the highest population density among the Italian regions, but it is second only to Lombardy total number of inhabitants.

Its capital is Naples.
It is bordered to the west, south-west by the Tyrrhenian Sea, north-west with Lazio, Molise with the north, north-east and east with Puglia and Basilicata.

The name Campania comes from the Latin term campus, which means countryside, and by linguistic melee from the term osco Kampanom, which indicated the area near the town of Capua.

The Campania region is hilly (50,8%), the 34,6% of it is mountainous and 14,7% flat.
Regarding the survey, we can first distinguish the central Apennine ridge, running from north-west to south-east and covering a number of massive (Matese, Taburno, Avella, Terminio, Cervialto, sapwood, Cervati), followed by an area to the east plateaus and basins (Benevento, Montecalvo Irpino Ariano Irpino, Caudina Valley, etc.).

In the littoral zone are massive volcanic (Somma-Vesuvius, Campi Flegrei) and sedimentary origin (Lattari and Massico).

The most important plains are to the north of the Garigliano River and that of the Volturno River; The latter borders the south by the Sarno riverbank and constitutes the Campania Plain proper, fertile and intensely populated.
Recall, also, the plain of the Sele River to the south, forming the flat Pesto and the plain of Salerno.

To the east of the massifs of the Alburno and the Cervati stretches the Vallo di Diano.
The rivers flow mostly in the Tyrrhenian Sea and have a tortuous course, with steep gorges between the various massifs of the region.
The sources are abundant and are located at the foot of the limestone hills, which are common in karst.

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