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Wednesday April 25 2018
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Acireale (CT)

Region: Sicily - Italy

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Tax code : 81000970871
Postal Code : 95024
Istat code : 087004
Cadastral code : A028
number Population : 52.574 (01-01-2017 - Istat)
asl : 161 mt.
Sq km area. : 40,00
name of the inhabitants : acesi (in Sicilian Jacitani)

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Local language name: Jaci-Riali o Jaci in siciliano

Municipal offices / Town hall:
- Mayor Acireale and city administration
- Registry office - Technical Office - Cadastre IMU TASI
- City Council - Data elections

City Hall Address
Piazza Duomo (Palazzo di Città)

Useful Numbers
++39 095 895111
++39 095 895306

Email PEC:
Institutional website -

How to get:
GPS / Geographic coordinates of Acireale
Latitude: 37.61282 - Longitude: 15.16567
GPS coordinates: 37°36'46.15" N - 15°09'56.41" E

Seismic and climatic classification
• Seismic classification updated in March 2015. (Source: Civil protection)
• "Climate zones" and "day grades" by: Table A attached to the DPR 412 / 93 updated at 31 October 2009. (Source: Authorities for electricity gas and water system)

Seismic zone
Climate zone
Degrees day
Acireale: info IMU - TASI - TARI 2018

City of Acireale Metropolitan city of Catania - Italy)

Acireale is a coastal town of 52.574 inhabitants, located 161 meters above sea level in the Metropolitan City of Catania, its territory covers an area of ​​40,00 sq km.

Acireale It is located about twenty kilometers from Catania, is the higher of the centers located on the eastern side of Etna.
The town was built on a plateau on a lava terrace, called "Timpa"Which, with its 161 meters high, puts almost overlooking the Ionian Sea.
The coast, where there are several villages, is characterized by the lava cliff.
There is also a certain wealth of water sources and green and the surrounding area is cultivated, especially to citrus.
Located on "Cyclops Riviera", On the Ionian Sea, in eastern Sicily, the southern slopes of Etna.
Nearby we find:

  • Pozzillo, Quaint fishing village, known for hydrothermal vents
  • Santa Tecla, Attractive seaside village at the foot of a ridge of wild Mediterranean
  • Santa Maria La Scala, Charming fishing village intact in its original marine architecture
  • Capomulini, Ancient greek harbor which extends over a wide bay dominated by the enchantment of the island Lachea and mythical Faraglioni Polyphemus hurled the ship of Ulysses; adjacent to the village lies the Timpa Reserve, of considerable natural environment and landscape importance.

Leaving Acireale in the direction of Ripon, it will come across a few kilometers, the "Cave of the Nativity" of Acireale which are connected many legends.
To visit approximately 40 km from Acireale is Mount Etna, a real active volcanic region, from about 500 thousand years.
As it appears now, with a height that is average at around 3.350 m., It has been originated from at least two large volcanoes.
Nearby we also remember Catania, Taormina, Caltagirone.

formed by small migration from cities to the south territory, today the urban layout is typical of the late-medieval town in Sicily.

The town is the most populated metro cities after the capital.
It is the main center of the hinterland acese, consisting not only of Acireale, the municipalities of Aci Catena, Aci Sant'Antonio, Aci Castello, Aci Bonaccorsi, Valverde and part of Santa Venerina, originally included all the territory of the ancient "Aquilia ", which together form a single urban area seamlessly.

It sets halfway up the Sicilian Ionic coast.
Its inhabitants are called aces (jacitani in Sicilian).
It is the seat of the diocese of Acireale.

Acireale is known for its carnival, For the Baroque and, until a few years ago for its thermal baths.
Near Etna, it includes in its territory a number of fishing villages with small port, including Santa Maria la Scala e Capo Mulini.

The climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters.
Snow is rare, but it is seen occasionally over the years during severe cold spells.

"The Italian text is taken from:
- Wikipedia (Creative Commons)

Photo by: Emilioba93

to visit:
villages and localities of the City of Acireale

Aci Platani
Capo Mulini
Piano d'Api
San Giovanni Bosco
Santa Caterina
Santa Maria degli Ammalati
Santa Maria delle Grazie
Santa Maria la Scala
Santa Maria la Stella
Santa Tecla

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Valverde (5,2 km)
Aci Bonaccorsi (5,3 km)
San Giovanni la Punta (5,4 km)
Viagrande (6,1 km)
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