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Monday June 25 2018
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Villanovaforru (ON)

Sardinia - Italy

number Population : 675 (01-01-2017 - Istat)
asl : 310 mt.
Sq km area. : 11,00
name of the inhabitants : 

Municipal offices / Town hall:
- Mayor Villanovaforru and city administration
- Registry office - Technical Office - Cadastre IMU TASI
- City Council - Data elections
Tax code : 82002000923
Postal Code : 09020
Istat code : 092095
Cadastral code : L986

City Hall Address
Piazza Costituzione, 1

Useful Numbers
+39 070 934511
+39 070 9300200

Institutional website -

Map Villanovaforru
Map / How to get there:
GPS / Geographic coordinates of Villanovaforru
39°38'1.97" N
08°52'12" E

Seismic and climatic classification
• Seismic classification updated in March 2015. (Source: Civil protection)
• "Climate zones" and "day grades" by: Table A attached to the DPR 412 / 93 updated at 31 October 2009. (Source: Authorities for electricity gas and water system)

Climate zone
Degrees day
info Villanovaforru: IMU - TASI - TARI 2018

City of Villanovaforru (Province of Sud Sardegna - Italy)

Villanovaforru is a town of 675 inhabitants, located 310 meters above sea level in the Province of South Sardinia, its territory covers an area of ​​11,00 sq km.

Located in the center of the system Marmillan hill, which overlooks and dominates the Campidani of Cagliari and Oristano, Villanovaforru is a village of about 700 inhabitants, distant about fifty kilometers from Cagliari.
Until a few decades ago it was almost entirely unknown, a small farming town, which often was not even in the maps.
On the other hand it was cut off from the main roads.
Today Villanovaforru is known in all parts of the world, and has become a cultural landmark and tourist center of international importance due to the discovery of the Nuraghe Genna Maria and the opening of the Museum of Archaeology.
Have arisen, and are going to nascerne of new tourist facilities and accommodation that will meet the demands and needs of a future tourist inflow of great importance.
The miracle has happened thanks to the intuition and the ability to exploit the culture and ancient history of the country, such as economic resources and industrial products to sell and market.
The City of Villanovaforru, along with other towns of Marmilla, has set up a Tourism Consortium called Sa Corona Arrubia, for the development, promotion and tourism development of the whole area, in order to unite the small forces of each and have a strong tourist attraction, with the peculiarities and the riches that each country possesses.
The Consortium has already implemented various and numerous initiatives that are gaining considerable interest.
Agriculture, farming and crafts are at the base of the local economy.
The breeding of sheep, highly developed, and viticulture are the major occupations through which we produce pecorino cheese, much appreciated, and genuine table wines, as nuragus, monica and malvasia.
Active artistic crafts for embroidery shawls and tablecloths, ceramics, processing to wood carving, production of bread and typical Sardinian sweets.
Some items nuragici are played according to the ancient and traditional methods.
Lately we are developing various service activities related to tourism.

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City of Villanovaforru

Photo by: Comune di Villanovaforru

The City of Villanovaforru It is part of:

Consorzio Turistico Sa Corona Arrubia

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