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Monday June 25 2018
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Gonnosfanadiga (ON)

Sardinia - Italy

number Population : 6.602 (01-01-2017 - Istat)
asl : 180 mt.
Sq km area. : 125,19
name of the inhabitants : gonnesi, gonnesusu

Local language name: Gonnos

Municipal offices / Town hall:
- Mayor Gonnosfanadiga and city administration
- Registry office - Technical Office - Cadastre IMU TASI
- City Council - Data elections
VAT number : 01420710921
Postal Code : 09035
Istat code : 092029
Cadastral code : E085

City Hall Address
Via Regina Elena, 1

Useful Numbers
+39 070 9795201
+39 070 9799857

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Institutional website -

Map of Gonnosfanadiga
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GPS / Geographic coordinates of Gonnosfanadiga
39°29'36.49" N
08°39'41.49" E

Seismic and climatic classification
• Seismic classification updated in March 2015. (Source: Civil protection)
• "Climate zones" and "day grades" by: Table A attached to the DPR 412 / 93 updated at 31 October 2009. (Source: Authorities for electricity gas and water system)

Climate zone
Degrees day
info Gonnosfanadiga: IMU - TASI - TARI 2018

City of Gonnosfanadiga (Province of Sud Sardegna - Italy)

Gonnosfanadiga is a wholly mountain town of 6.602 inhabitants, located 180 meters above sea level in the Province of South Sardinia, its territory covers an area of ​​125,19 sq km.

Its territory extends in similar proportions between the plain of "Medio Campidano" northeast, the hills around the village and the massif of "Mount Linas" southwest.
It also includes a fraction, "Pardu Atzei", which develops along the slopes east of the "Arcuentu", between the territories of Arbus and Guspini.

The plain is volcanic-alluvial, in swampy areas in the winter season, while the hills and mountains, rich in mineral deposits, have a variable composition with prevalence of granite, shale, and in general with a high rate of rocks and limited depth of active layer; the highest peak is "Punta Perda de sa Mesa" with its 1236 m.

The town is situated on the slopes of the mountain and is crossed and characterized by "Rio Piras", stream torrential which has certainly played an important role in the birth and subsequent development of the country.

The economy Gonnosfanadiga is mainly based on the agro-pastoral sector and the transformation of the products of the earth, animated by small businesses, often family-run.

His productions of excellence are olivicole, oil and olives of cultivar canteen "Gonnos Black" (always famous throughout the island and even today beyond its borders view the high quality that distinguishes them from industrial production), the typical bread and confectionery craft, meats and sausages derived from the common herd of sheep and goats and pigs, honey, as well as a good production, although a marked decline from the past, high-quality fruit and vegetables.

It follows that many "gonnesi" devote themselves also to trade in such products, in particular are several retail shops and many activities that trade fruit and vegetables, milk and dairy products.

To note also a limited production floriculture, forestry (cork and wood) and textiles.

Many of the residents are employed in the services and the surrounding industries, partly because the country is virtually non-existent industry and services developed recently, although lately there is a growing commitment to the tourism sector, which could give a significant help to a ' economy in general is struggling because of both the acute crisis agribusiness, is the now definitive closure of the mines, once a source of wealth of the country, that of the almost definitive failure of Villacidro industrial area, where many found work as laborers or as small entrepreneurs in related industries.

Very practiced at the level hobby crafts, but does not pursue large commercial purposes.
Among the various hobbyists productions we see the working of wood and cork, pottery, traditional fabrics, but above all stands out the skill of knife masters for centuries to operate Gonnosfanadiga, Whose knife art often sees her jewelry on display and cited internationally.

The Italian text is taken from:
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Photo by: Indinur

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Pardu Atzei

The City of Gonnosfanadiga It is part of:

Comunità Montana Monte Linas
Associazione Nazionale Città dell'Olio
Associazione Nazionale Città del Pane

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