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Monday June 25 2018
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Carloforte (ON)

Sardinia - Italy

number Population : 6.211 (01-01-2017 - Istat)
asl : 10 mt.
Sq km area. : 50,20
name of the inhabitants : carlofortini

Municipal offices / Town hall:
- Mayor Carloforte and city administration
- Registry office - Technical Office - Cadastre IMU TASI
- City Council - Data elections
Tax code : 81002450922
Postal Code : 09014
Istat code : 092013
Cadastral code : B789

City Hall Address
Via Garibaldi, 72

Useful Numbers
+39 0781 8589200
+39 0781 855808

Email PEC:
Institutional website -

Map Carloforte
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GPS / Geographic coordinates of Carloforte
39°08'42" N
08°18'21" E

Seismic and climatic classification
• Seismic classification updated in March 2015. (Source: Civil protection)
• "Climate zones" and "day grades" by: Table A attached to the DPR 412 / 93 updated at 31 October 2009. (Source: Authorities for electricity gas and water system)

Climate zone
Degrees day
info Carloforte: IMU - TASI - TARI 2018

City of Carloforte (Province of Sud Sardegna - Italy)

Carloforte is a coastal town of 6.211 inhabitants, located 10 meters above sea level in the Province of South Sardinia, its territory covers an area of ​​50,20 sq km.

Only common on relatively large island of San Pietro, Carloforte is about 10 km from the Sardinian coast and is in the list of Most beautiful villages in Italy.
Easily reached by one of the many flights to Sardinia - You arrive in Cagliari and here in Portoscuso, Portovesme, Portopaglietto or Calasetta, ports from where ferries depart regularly.
The island on which stands the country was colonized by the Genoese in 1738 (to be precise, Genoese Pegli) and construction of the center was entrusted to architect Augusto de la Vallée.
Carlofortini still today retain more or less in their dialect, the morpho-phonetic structure in the vernacular that was pegliesi of their ancestors, so that you can define it as a linguistic island: it is said Tabarchino, because of long-term relationships that pegliesi dell ' era had with the city of Tabarka, Tunisia current.
The island city offers miles of beaches and of course a particularly unspoilt nature.
Of particular architectural interest are the walls, the Church of Novelli Innocenti and the Church of the Madonna of the Slave, devotion that betrays the enslaved condition of many pegliesi era.
In the town are held annually events of national cultural interest, including the Girotonno, culinary festival that welcomes many Mediterranean cuisines, and Crêuza de mä - Music for films, an event that honors the music of the films of the year.

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Isola di San Pietro, Isola Piana

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