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Wednesday October 18 2017
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Sorrento Peninsula - Campania - Italy

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Tax code: 82001030632
Postal Code: 80060
Istat code: 063080
Cadastral code: I862
number Population: 16.589
asl: 50 mt.
Sq km area.: 9,90
name of the inhabitants: Sorrento


Sorrentine peninsula

municipal offices / City Hall

Address: Piazza Sant'Antonino, 1
Phone: 081 5335300
Fax: 081 5335240
Certified email:

City of Sorrento

corporate website- Mayor Sorrento and city administration
- Registry office - Technical Office - Cadastre IMU TASI
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City of Sorrento Metropolitan city of Napoli - Italy)

Sorrento is a partially mountainous coastal town of 16.589 inhabitants, located 50 meters above sea level in the Metropolitan City of Naples, its territory covers an area of ​​9,90 sq km.

The town is perched on an imposing tuff outcrop with deep gorges overlooking the sea.
The houses are surrounded by greenery and surrounded by orange, lemon and olive groves.
The backdrop rise the hills that make up the long ridge of the Sorrento Peninsula.
Sorrento is a quiet town, enjoyed in all seasons for its mild climate, the perfume of gardens and terraces overlooking the sea.
The tourist fame of the town is born nell'800, but its historical life has more ancient roots: the Surrentum name is perhaps to be connected to the legend of the sirens, and theories of a Phoenician foundation of the city.
What is certain is that in Roman times was the favorite residence of the aristocracy.
The town center is piazza Tasso, which takes its name from the author of the Gerusalemme Liberata, born in Sorrento in 1544.
Dates from the fifteenth century Duomo, which has undergone several changes over the years.
The choir has refined inlaid wood, the technique in which the city has a proud history.
The relics of the past are preserved in the Correale Museum, housed in the eighteenth-century residence of the Correale, "the most beautiful provincial museum of Italy", according to Amedeo Maiuri.
Important is the archaeological section, with the famous Base of Augustus, is the medieval section with marble works dating from the tenth and eleventh centuries.
A wide collection of furniture, porcelain and paintings.
It is the eighteenth-century church of San Francesco, from which we reach the Villa Comunale, a public garden overlooking the sea and offering a spectacular view of the Bay of Naples.
From Villa a paved road leading to Marina Piccola, with numerous beaches and a port from where ferries and hydrofoils to Capri and Naples.
The biggest beach is Marina Grande, traditional destination of walks of Sorrento.

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The Sorrento Peninsula - Campania Region

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villages and localities of the City of Sorrento

Casarlano, Cesarano, Marano, Priora, Santa Lucia, Sorrento Capo, Sorrento Marina Grande

The City of Sorrento It is part of:

Comunità Montana Zona Penisola Sorrentina

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Latitude: 40.61666 - Longitude: 14.36666 | GPS coordinates: 40°36'59.98" N - 14°21'59.98" E

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