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Sunday July 22 2018
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On this page we present a selection of places to visit, historic or artistic character, from which you can directly access the details page.
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Loggia Maranese
Marano Lagunare UD

A Marano Lagunare are still many buildings of the Venetian Republic, and the most important is the Maranese Loggia, a closed loggia with ashlar stone of Istria, where ...

Torre Millenaria
Marano Lagunare UD
- Piazza Provveditori

Next to the Loggia we look at the so-called Millennial Tower, high 32 meters, of which we have the first news in 1066. It is likely that in the beginning it had been a lookout tower. ...

Palazzo dei Provveditori
Marano Lagunare UD

Residence of the governors of the fortress, today host an exhibition of objects.

Palazzo Linussio
Tolmezzo UD

Jacopo Linussio, industrial carnico eighteenth century, chose to build a grandiose architectural complex that would serve simultaneously as textile industry and as a residence for his ...

Porta di Sotto
Tolmezzo UD

It was part of the ancient walls (XII-XIV century), now almost entirely disappeared, that surrounded and protected the city in medieval times.

Torre Picotta
Tolmezzo UD
- Colle Picotta

Erected in 1477 to meet the Turkish invasion, it was destroyed during the Second World War (1944) by the Germans, and was subsequently rebuilt thanks to the studies ...

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