Festa del Fungo - Mostra micologica | Giacciano con Baruchella - Veneto

Monday 19 February 2018
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Festa del Fungo - Mostra micologica

Giacciano con Baruchella - Veneto


» Comune di Giacciano con Baruchella (RO)
» Veneto

How to get:
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Geographic coordinates
Latitude: 45.06666 - Longitude: 11.45
GPS coordinates: 45°03'59.98" N - 11°26'60" E

»Event Period: October


Piazzale El Camborio nearest post office - Via A. De Gasperi
Info: Tel. And Fax: 0425 50471

Covered and heated stand
- Opening hours 19.0
- Sunday at 12.30 and 19.00

Open every day of the exhibition in mycological national time from the 19.00 24.00
- Sunday 11 / 10 10.00 from hours to and from the 13.00 19.00 24.00 to
- Sunday 11 / 10 10.00 hours agricultural conference with the presence of local and regional authorities

first: Truffle risotto - Risotto with mixed mushrooms and porcini - Bigoli with duck - Lasagna with mushrooms
seconds: Scallops with mushrooms and polenta - Roast pork with mushrooms and polenta - Sausage with mashed potatoes, mushrooms and polenta - cockerel grilled with sauce - pork knuckle with baked potatoes, mushrooms and polenta - Tripe with bread - Musso with polenta
Side Dishes: Mixed mushrooms - with potacin beans with pork rinds and sausage - Grilled vegetables - French fries - Baked potatoes
Desserts: pastry - Tiramisu - Yarrow - fruit tarts
Specialty: Strudel of Pro Loco

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