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Ponte della Maddalena o Ponte del Diavolo

Borgo a Mozzano - Tuscany

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Coordinate geografiche di Ponte della Maddalena o Ponte del Diavolo
Latitudine: 43.98569 - Longitudine: 10.55204
Coordinate GPS: 43°59'8.48" N - 10°33'7.34" E

The Magdalen Bridge (called the Devil's Bridge) across the river Serchio near Borgo a Mozzano, in the province of Lucca.
The bridge is a wonderful work of medieval engineering, probably due to the will of the Countess Matilda of Canossa, was it restored at a later date by Castruccio Castracani.
The bridge is spoken in a novel by John Sercambi of the fourteenth century.
Around the 1500 called the Ponte della Maddalena, from an oratory that stood at the foot of the structure on the left bank.
The General Council of the Republic of Lucca in 1670 prohibited by decree of wipe it with "strains" and millstone with the intent to preserve the bridge in its entirety.
In 1836 the bridge was badly damaged by a full and in the early 1900, to make way for the railway, it was opened a new arc on the right side of the bridge, which considerably altered the original architecture.
The above appears on the tourist sign near the bridge.

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