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Acquedotto di Monte Pacciano

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Acquedotto di Monte Pacciano

The construction of this aqueduct, located in the San Marco area, dates from the thirteenth century.
In 1254 the Perugia of the City People's Council decided the construction of the Fontana Maggiore, in the city center, by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano and, therefore, the construction of an aqueduct to bring water.
This averebbe harvest, at a single point, the springs in the area of ​​Monte Pacciano, by digging a series of tunnels for over 500 meters long and the construction of a collection tank, the Preserve of the veins.
Further upstream, it was built another tank, the Conservone Vecchio, to collect rain water to be used in case of drought.
The work was extremely complex.
The aqueduct ran through San Marco and Montegrillo, going towards the center of Perugia, along a path with steep slopes.
The work suffered ups and downs and interruptions and were resumed in 1275.
The February 13 1280, water gushed from the just completed Fontana Maggiore.
Over the centuries the aqueduct was repeatedly the target of looting and sabotage, to the last, immediately in 1799, after which he became permanently inactive.

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