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Monday June 25 2018
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Morgantina Is an old Sicilian and Greek city, Archaeological site in the territory of Aidone, in Sicily.

The city was brought to light in the Autumn of 1955 by the archaeological mission of Princeton University (United States).
The excavations made so far allow to follow the development of the settlement for a period of about a millennium, from prehistory to Roman times.
The area most easily visited, enclosed by the sovereignty, retains from the middle of the V to the end of the 1st century BC, the period of the greatest splendor of the city.

From this site are very important archaeological finds such as Venus of Morgantina, Currently guarded by the Archaeological museum of Aidone The 17 March 2011 came after the dispute between Italy and the United States where he was exhibited at the Getty Museum in Malibu, and the Morgantine Treasury, Also returned.

The ancient city stood on a wavy and stretched plateau, flattened to its hips and culminated in Mount Cittadella (578 m altitude)
Place at the barrier of the The valley of the Simeto And its tributaries, the site controlled a vast area, bordered by the Madonie and Etna to the north, from the Ionian Sea to the east, from the Southern Hemisphere to the south and west.
It was a forced passage of the communication channels between the eastern coast and the interior of Sicily.

The remains were first identified at the end of the 19th century by the archaeologist Paolo Orsi and initially the city was identified with "Herbita".
The discovery of some bronze coins and the concordance of archaeological data with the sources reported thus allowed recognition with the ancient Morgantina.
The archaeological area occupies an area of ​​over twenty hectares.

The Hellenistic city remains in the enclosed area with remarkable remains: several public buildings, mostly articulated around the piazza dell'Agorà (ginnasio or "stoa nord"), "east eastern" and "western", pritaneo, ekklesiasterion, The double "Agora sanctuary", the public barn, the "Great Fornace", the theater or koilon and the Roman Slaughter, and important home-dwellings, richly adorned with mosaics (houses of the Doric Chapter, "the Mosaic of Ganimede "," Of the Archery Cistern "," the Antefisse "," the Tuscan Capitals "," the Magistrate ", and again, the" Casa Fountain "and the" Southeast House ").

Other emergencies, though served by paths, can not be visited without a competent guide.
A park with pre-arranged courses, information boards and tourist accommodation facilities is planned.

Numerous finds from excavations are preserved in Museum of Aidone.

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Photo by: Morgantia07

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