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Sabato 17 Febbraio 2018
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Useful information to know and visit the Italian locations, from the smallest villages to the largest and most famous cities of art.


The town is perched on an imposing tuff outcrop with deep gorges overlooking the sea. The houses are surrounded by greenery and surrounded by orange, lemon and olive groves. The backdrop rise the hills that make up the long ridge of the Sorrento Peninsula. Sorrento is a quiet town, enjoyed in all seasons for its mild climate, the perfume of gardens and terraces overlooking the sea. The tourist fame of the town is born nell'800, but his story ...

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(1728-1745) It is located on the left bank of the river Tanaro in the area occupied by the village of Bergoglio. Commissioned by Vittorio Amedeo II, it was built and designed by Ignazio Bertola and completed by architects GB Borra, A. Papacini d'Antoni, L. Pinto, F. De Vicent. Here it took place ...
Fontana del Calamo o delle 13 cannelle
Fountain of Calamus or 13 Spouts
Made in 1560 on design of architect Pellegrino Tibaldi consists of thirteen masks, of which the central 12 bronze and stone, representing satyrs and fauns. According to tradition, you should drink the water that flows from the fountain to return to ...

Terme di Caracalla
Baths of Caracalla
The Baths of Caracalla or Antonine (from the name of the dynasty of the Antonines), constitute one of the greatest examples of imperial baths in Rome, it is still preserved for much of their structure and free of modern buildings. It was constructed by Emperor Caracalla ...
Palazzo Comunale
Town Hall
Piombino - LI
The Town Hall of Piombino is located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Angola via Ferruccio, and is flanked by the Clock Tower. The original core of the building is the thirteenth-century era, when it was called "Palazzo dei Priori" or "the ...

thermal spas and wellness

Complesso Termale Bagni di Petriolo
Overall Thermal Baths of Petriolo - Monticiano
Monticiano - SI
The Terme di Petriolo (or Bagni di Petriolo) are a Tuscan thermal spring. The location is in the Valle dell'Ombrone, along the river Farma, on the border between the municipalities of Monticiano and Civitella Paganico, respectively in the province of Siena and in that of Grosseto. Le ...
Grand Hotel Terme Roseo
Grand Hotel Terme Roseo - Bagno di Romagna
Bagno di Romagna - FC
The old palace of Biozzi accounts in Bagno di Romagna is the Grand Hotel Terme Roseo. The noble building has returned to former glory after a careful restoration that has maintained the harmonious architectural features. Today, the Grand Hotel Terme Roseo proposes a ...

Centro termale “Il Baistrocchi”
Spa "The Baistrocchi" - Salsomaggiore Terme
Salsomaggiore Terme - PR
Nestled in the quiet of a large park, the Thermal Center "The Baistrocchi" is a perfect combination of the spa tradition and all the comforts and amenities of a hotel, in the name of pleasure and relaxation. The new wellness center offers therapeutic programs and ...
Grand Hotel Terme
Grand Hotel Terme - Sirmione
Sirmione - BS
Located just across the lake and a short walk from the historic center of Sirmione, Grand Hotel Terme offers free parking and free Wi-Fi, and features spa facilities and elegant rooms with free minibar. The private spa of the Grand Hotel Terme features a relaxation room, which is a ...

Italian food and wine - traditional products and traditional products

photo Caschettas - Fresh pasta and bakery, pastry, biscuit and confectionery products
Sardinia - SYNTHETIC PRODUCT DESCRIPTION It features the most varied forms (horseshoe, ellipse, crescent, heart), the weight varies around the 16 / 17 g, the outer surface is friable ...
Bottarga di tonno
photo Tuna bottarga - Preparations of fish, molluscs, crustaceans and special breeding techniques of the same
Sardinia - Synonyms: Buttariga de tonnu, buttarga de tonnu, buttarla de scampirru Product description: Elongated oval shape, of different sizes depending on the weight; The outer color is ...

Valtellina Casera DOP
photo Valtellina Casera DOP - Cheese
Italy - Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Recognized with: EU EC n. OJ L. 1263 01.07.1996 163 of the 02.07.1996
Mirto di Sardegna Tradizionale
photo Myrtle of Traditional Sardinia - Non-alcoholic drinks, spirits and liqueurs
Sardinia - Mirto has several dialectical denominations, Mulsta (Ittireddu), Multa (Berchidda, Ittiri, Oschiri, Padria, Pattada, Sassari, Temple, Alghero), Murta (Bitti, Bolotana, Fluminimaggiore, Oliena, ...

Italian cuisine - traditional recipes

photo Carbonada - Italian Cooking Recipes: Meat - Valley d
Valle d'Aosta - Ingredients: 500g rump of corned beef 300g onion 200g of 100g butter bacon 50g pork flour half a liter of dry white wine nutmeg cinnamon salt pepper Preparation: Focus butter, bacon and onion into slices. Cook ...
Spaghetti alla Bottarga (2)
photo Spaghetti alla Bottarga (2) - Italian cooking recipes: Pasta, rice, dumplings, polenta, fregola and cuscus - Sardinia
Sardinia - Ingredients: 400 50 g g spaghetti bottarga extra virgin olive oil salt Preparation: First of all, grated or cut into thin slices bottarga and let it soak in a bowl with oil for about 1 hours. After this time, cook the ...

photo Favô - Italian cooking recipes: soups and soups - d
Valle d'Aosta - Ingredients: onion 1 1 1 carrot celery fresh tomato 1 1 bunch of aromatic herbs (sage, laurel, rosemary ...) g of sausage 300 1 200 kg of beans g of short pasta type fingering striped 2,5 50 g l water g 300 butter brown bread ...
Minestra di Ceci
photo Ceci Soup - Italian Cooking Recipes: Soups and Soups - Sardinia
Sardinia - Ingredients: chickpea 300 1 g bay leaf dried tomatoes 2 2 150 g fresh onions bacon 1 clove of garlic extra virgin olive oil salt pepper Preparation: Wash the chickpeas and above all, after holding them for 24 hours to soak in cool water , drain and ...

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