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Sunday June 24 2018
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Guide to the villages and the italian City of Art

Useful information to get to know and visit the Italian Municipalities, from the smallest of the villages to the largest and most famous city of art.

Places and attractions to visit - What to see

Tempio di Minerva
Temple of Minerva
Assisi - PG
By acquiring the imperial holiday, in the 1198 the "minores" of Assisi rebelled, giving rise to a consular municipality, clashing with the faction of the "maiores". In the early years, the magistrature was housed in a palace near the Duomo, until in 1212 ...
Rocca di Cento
Cento Fortress
Cento - FE
This defensive structure was built in the late '300, by the will of the bishop of Bologna, which curb the autonomy ambitions of Cento. It was rebuilt and restored over the centuries to meet the most modern military architectural standards and to withstand the repeated ...

Museo Archeologico Statale
State Archaeological Museum
Arcevia - AN
The Archaeological State Museum of Arcevia (AN) houses the archaeological documentation of the Arcevian territory. Exposed chronologically we find the stone tools of Ponte di Pietra (upper palaeolithic), the materials of the defensive moat of Conelle (eneolithic), bowls, pins, ...
Palazzo Prati di Rovagnasco
Prati di Palazzo Rovagnasco
(XVIII century) Spread over three floors (mezzanine, main floor with finely decorated ceilings, mezzanine). The entrance hall and the porch giving access to the stone staircase.

Torre Rinalda
Torre Rinalda
The ancient watchtower, now reduced to ruins, has a square pyramidal structure. It was erected around the sixteenth century using regular carparo blocks. Despite the poor state of preservation you can still see two small windows that served also ...
Scuderie del Castello Visconteo
Scuderie del Castello Visconteo
The Scuderie project of the Castello Visconteo was conceived by Alef - cultural project management in collaboration with the Municipality of Pavia, and recently with the support of the Province of Pavia to enhance a splendid space in an absolutely distinctive way through a programming ...

thermal spas and wellness

Grand Hotel Terme Roseo
Grand Hotel Terme Roseo - Bagno di Romagna
Bagno di Romagna - FC
The old palace of Biozzi accounts in Bagno di Romagna is the Grand Hotel Terme Roseo. The noble building has returned to former glory after a careful restoration that has maintained the harmonious architectural features. Today, the Grand Hotel Terme Roseo proposes a ...
Terme Marine
Terme Marine - Grade
Grado - GO
Terme Marine Grado: Wellness in the Island of the Sun Le Terme di Grado were already appreciated at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today, in their new guise, they are offering traditional and beauty treatments, spa pool and sauna. In a city that is a jewel of the ...

Terme San Petronio - Antalgik
Terme San Petronio - Antalgik - Bologna
The health complex "Thermal pools of San Petronio - Antalgik", with all the health proposals and the most important and modern health, is the first concrete answer to the definition of "HEALTH" the World Health Organization, ...
Terme Stufe di Nerone
Stufe di Nerone - Bacoli
Bacoli - NA
Ancient spa in the province of Naples in Pozzuoli with large spa park, natural springs, sauna, swimming pools with whirlpool and waterjets. Modern spa for massages and beauty treatments. Thanks to the therapeutic properties of the thermal waters is ...

Italian food and wine - traditional products and traditional products

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP
photo Parmigiano Reggiano DOP - Cheese
Italy - Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Recognized with: EU EC n. OJ L. 1107 12.06.1996 148 of the 21.06.1996
Formaggio Misto, Caciottone
photo Cheese Mixed, Caciottone - Cheese
Umbria - TERRITORY INTERESTED IN PRODUCTION All the regional territory of Umbria. PRODUCT SYNTHETIC DESCRIPTION Sheep cheese obtained from sheep's milk (20%) and vaccine (80%), ...

photo Séras - Cheese
Valle d'Aosta - The Séras is the last cheese obtained from the processing of whole milk, after the production of Fontina or of toma. Remove the curd, heat the whey to make the ...
photo Musteba - Meat, fresh offal, and their preparations
Sardinia - All the territory of Sardinia is interested in production with particular reference to the area of ​​Monte Linas. Cylindrical, lengthened salami of variable diameter around ...

Italian cuisine - traditional recipes

photo Zabaione - Italian cooking recipes: Breakfast - Lombardy
Lombardy - Ingredients: (For 4 people) fresh eggs 4 4 4 tablespoons sugar tablespoons marsala or very dry white wine Preparation: The eggnog (or "zambaglione", as it was once called) recipe is typical Lombard, indeed Milan, and dates back to sixteenth century. With ...
Cozze alla olbiese
photo Umbrian mussels - Italian cuisine recipes: Appetizers - Sardinia
Sardinia - Ingredients: 1 kg of mussels 3 lemons Preparation: Make sure that the mussels are fresh, so clean them carefully spazzolandole under running water with a stiff bristle brush and removing any clumps of algae retained between the valves. then pour into a ...

Spaghetti alla Bottarga (2)
photo Spaghetti alla Bottarga (2) - Italian cooking recipes: Pasta, rice, dumplings, polenta, fregola and cuscus - Sardinia
Sardinia - Ingredients: 400 50 g g spaghetti bottarga extra virgin olive oil salt Preparation: First of all, grated or cut into thin slices bottarga and let it soak in a bowl with oil for about 1 hours. After this time, cook the ...
Aranzada - Aranciata nuorese
photo Aranzada - Young Orange - Italian Cooking Recipes: Sweets - Sardinia
Sardinia - Ingredients: • 500 g of orange peel soaked honey g • • 300 200 g of shelled almonds Preparation: Peel the oranges in vivo, using a sharp knife or potato peeler. Cut the peel into thin strips, and regular and immerse them in a container ...

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