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Tuesday April 24 2018
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Guide to the villages and the italian City of Art

Useful information to get to know and visit the Italian Municipalities, from the smallest of the villages to the largest and most famous city of art.

Places and attractions to visit - What to see

Rocca d'Armenia
Rocca of Armenia
Bruzzano Zeffirio - RC
Name: Castle Bruzzano Zeffirio, Castle of Armenia. Located at an altitude of 139.00 meters above sea level, on top of the "Rocca Armenia", in Bruzzano Old. The castle, now in ruins, was built between the end of the tenth and the eleventh century. ...
Palazzo Spini Feroni
Palazzo Spini Ferroni
Palazzo Spini Feroni is located in Florence near the Ponte Santa Trinita, at the beginning of Via Tornabuoni, corner of Piazza Santa Trinita. Today Palazzo Spini Feroni remains one of the best examples of medieval residential architecture in Florence, although his archaic aspect is partly ...

Carcere Mamertino
Mamertine Prison
The Mamertine Prison or Tulliano (Latin Carcer Tullianum) is the oldest prison in Rome and is located in the Roman Forum. It consisted of two overlapping floors of caves dug at the southern foot of the Capitol alongside Gemonian stairs, towards the Comitium. The most ...
Torre del Mangia
Torre del Mangia
The Torre del Mangia is located in Piazza del Campo in Siena and was the "bell tower" lay of the Town Hall. It is named after the nickname of "Mangiaguadagni" given to its first caretaker Giovanni Balducci (or "Duccio"), famous for much appreciate the pleasures of food and squander ...

thermal spas and wellness

Fonte Sant'Antonio Terme Val Rendena
Source St. Anthony Terme Val Rendena - Caderzone
Caderzone Terme - TN
The characteristics of the thermal water source Sant'Antonio make it ideal for the treatment of peripheral vascular diseases, dermatological diseases, disorders of the musculoskeletal and respiratory diseases.
Terme di Miradolo
Terme di Miradolo - Miradolo Terme
Miradolo Terme - PV
The Miradolo Terme offers a wealth of five sources of mineral water, very similar to each other as chemical composition: it is rich with minerals waters - lithium - magnesium - sulphurous, very indicated in otolaryngology, rheumatology, gynecology and therapies ...

Villa di Carlo Spa & Resort
Villa di Carlo Spa & Resort - Monte Grimano
Monte Grimano Terme - PU
The Health Life grass, proposes methodologies and natural treatments to buy Health, Beauty and Vitality ... of course! Mineral springs declared among the best known, fresh air and pure, medicinal plants, colors and scents, all combined with therapies ...
Hotel Terme Salus
Terme Hotels Salus - Viterbo
Featuring free spa and gourmet restaurant with several swimming pools, a Jacuzzi and a sauna, Hotel Salus Terme is located just outside the center of Viterbo, and features a garden, elegant rooms, and gourmet restaurant, also offers Wi-Fi Free. The center ...

Italian food and wine - traditional products and traditional products

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP
photo Parmigiano Reggiano DOP - Cheese
Italy - Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Recognized with: EU EC n. OJ L. 1107 12.06.1996 148 of the 21.06.1996
photo Caschettas - Fresh pasta and bakery, pastry, biscuit and confectionery products
Sardinia - SYNTHETIC PRODUCT DESCRIPTION It features the most varied forms (horseshoe, ellipse, crescent, heart), the weight varies around the 16 / 17 g, the outer surface is friable ...

photo Motsetta - meat, fresh offal and their preparations
Valle d'Aosta - The motsetta is a dried meat of cow's muscle, sheep or goat (that of ibex is part of the story, while it is still possible to find that of chamois), born from the ancient ...
Pane di desulo
photo Desulo bread - fresh pasta and bakery products, pastry, biscuits and confectionery
Sardinia - It is a round, round-shaped bread, golden in color, the diameter is variable (9-20 cm), the thickness is about 1 cm. For the preparation of the "bread cicci" is ...

Italian cuisine - traditional recipes

photo Pesto - Italian cooking recipes: Sauces - Liguria
Liguria - Ingredients: (For 600g. Pasta) - Basil (Ocimum Basilicum): 50 grams of Basil leaves, preferably fresh and young, should be the one that has the minimum quality and variety provided for by the Regulations governing the proper use of the name "basil Genovese ", ...
Seupa à la Vapelenentse
photo Seupa à la Vapelenentse - Italian cooking recipes: Soups and soups - Valle d
Valle d'Aosta - It is prepared with white bread because this bread, once bought almost exclusively for the sick and for the elderly, given its high cost should not be wasted and therefore, even if stale, it was all used. The "seupa" is not added to the layers of ...

Gnocchi alla Romana
photo Gnocchi alla Romana - Italian recipes: Pasta, rice, dumplings, polenta, fregola and cuscus - Lazio
Lazio - Ingredients: (For 4 people) gr semolina 150 3 / 4 liter of milk 50 100 gr g butter grated parmesan pepper nutmeg salt 2 eggs Preparation: In a saucepan, boil the milk and pour in the semolina , always ...
Malloreddus - Gnocchetti Sardi (ricetta base)
photo Malloreddus - Sardinian Gnocchetti (basic recipe) - Italian cooking recipes: Pasta, rice, dumplings, polenta, fregola and cuscus - Sardinia
Sardinia - Ingredients: semolina 400 1 g of water pinch of saffron to taste flour salt Preparation: The malloreddus are the typical Sardinian dumplings shaped like tiny boats; easy to perform, now they are famous even outside the island. first of all you have the flour ...

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