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Friday 24 November 2017
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The discovery of Italian Municipalities
Italian municipalities

Guide to the villages and the italian City of Art

Useful information to know and visit the Italian locations, from the smallest villages to the largest and most famous cities of art.

Some parties and festivals, events and exhibitions

Aspettando il Natale a Massa Martana
Waiting for Christmas in Massa Martana
Massa Martana - PG
»Christmas Market
Double date in the two weekends of 6-9 and 14-16 December with the Christmas market. typical agri-food products, handicrafts, traveling music, initiatives ...
Natale a Mori
Christmas in Mori
Mori - TN
Also this year, the Consortium of Economic Operators of Mori wanted to animate the Christmas season with many appointments in the center of the country. With the collaboration of producers, traders and associations ...

Fiori d'Inverno: Fiera del Radicchio
Winter flowers: Fair Radicchio
Santa Maria di Sala - VE
Sunday 6 December 2009 The star of this 3 edition will be as always the Red Radicchio of Treviso IGP, but also the Variegato of Castelfranco, exposed to the public throughout the day. Visitors will be able to ...
»Kermesse dedicated to chocolate made in Italy and internationally
CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE 2015 You EXPLOIT FROM 20 29 IN NOVEMBER IN TURIN Turin is preparing to an exploit of sweetness. From the 20 29 November, the Savoy capital ...

Places and attractions to visit - What to see

Domus Romane al Celio e Antiquarium
Domus Romane al Celio and Antiquarian
By defining Roman Houses of Celio means the remains of a Roman residential complex below the Basilica of Saints John and Paul, in Rome, in the area Celio. Roman environments were brought to light at the end dell''800 by the then rector of the basilica, Father Germano of St. ...
Foro Romano
Roman Forum
The Roman Forum (Forum Romanum, although the Romans were referring to it as often as the Forum Magnum or just the Forum) was located in the valley between the Palatine and the Capitol and was the commercial, religious and political center of the city of Rome. The valley of the ...

Saint-Oyen - AO
Located along the road down to Flassin. Built between the tenth and eleventh centuries, in 1137 it was donated by Amadeus III to the "Canons of the Great Saint Bernard," who used it as a rest stop. Today Château-Verdun is used as a "home ...
Teatro Giuseppe Borgatti
Teatro Giuseppe Borgatti
Cento - FE
IL Teatro Comunale was built between the 1856 and 1861 designed by Antonio Giordani and Fortunato Lodi. The outer façade is characterized by showy decoration orange and yellow stained bands and eclectic terracotta ornamentation is accented frames, candelabras, ...

thermal spas and wellness

Hotel delle Terme di Venturina
Hotel Terme di Venturina - Campiglia Marittima
Campiglia Marittima - LI
Located in the Tuscan countryside, Hotel delle Terme offers a free outdoor thermal pool, an indoor pool with whirlpool and water jets, the regional cuisine "RistoranTerme", and a poolside bar. Characterized by a simple style, but contemporary, the ...
Terme Bagni di Lucca
Terme Bagni di Lucca - Bagni di Lucca
Bagni di Lucca - LU
Immersed in the unique colors of the enchanting Tuscan landscape, Bagni di Lucca welcome their guests with a wide range of traditional spa treatments and pampering spa treatments. The Wellness Center offers specific programs to tone, relax and cleanse the body and ...

Hotel Terme La Pergola
Hotel Terme La Pergola - Casamicciola Terme
Casamicciola Terme - NA
Located in Casamicciola Terme, Hotel Terme La Pergola offers a free shuttle to the beach, a Mediterranean restaurant with panoramic terrace, indoor and outdoor pools and a spa. Classically furnished, rooms at La Pergola include air conditioning, an LCD TV ...
Hotel San Giorgio Terme
Hotel San Giorgio Terme - Barano d'Ischia
Barano d'Ischia - NA
Overlooking Maronti Beach, the largest beach in Ischia, Hotel San Giorgio Terme offers 2 sun terraces overlooking the bay, and provides free parking and free access to its private beach and the new wellness center. Rooms at San Giorgio offer ...

Italian food and wine - traditional products and traditional products

Cordula, Corda
photo Cordula, Rope - meat, fresh offal and their preparations
Sardinia - Lamb, sheep or goat's interior, packed in such a way that the finished product appears as a woven braid or rope. As a variant, only the ...
Salsiccia di Calabria DOP
photo Sausage of Calabria DOP - the processed meats
Italy - The Protected Designation of Origin: "Salciccia di Calabria" is reserved for delicatessen products that meet the requirements laid down in the production specification. The elaboration of the ...

Pecorino Romano DOP
photo Pecorino Romano DOP - Cheese
Italy - Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) Recognized with: EU Reg. 1107 12.06.1996 148 GLOVES 21.06.1996 The milk source area for processing ...
Salsiccia sarda, satizza, sartizza
photo Sardinian sausage, satizza, sartizza - meat, fresh offal and their preparations
Sardinia - SYNTHETIC PRODUCT DESCRIPTION It is a seasoned salami obtained from fresh, large and quality pigmeat (pigs from 10 / 12 months with the weight of 140 / 180 Kg). Consists ...

Italian cuisine - traditional recipes

Amaretti sardi 2
photo Sardinian Amaretti 2 - Italian Cooking Recipes: Sweets - Sardinia
Sardinia - Ingredients: sweet almond 1 300 kg g bitter almonds 1,200-1,300 kg of sugar (depending on how much you want them to cakes) The peel of lemons 4-5 10-12 egg whites (depending on the size of ' egg) Sugar to cover Preparation: Normally almonds ...
Agnello allo Zafferano
photo Saffron Lamb - Italian Cooking Recipes: Meat - Sardinia
Sardinia - Ingredients: 800 g lamb 1 teaspoon saffron garlic cloves 2 1 2 dried tomatoes bunch of parsley extra virgin olive oil salt pepper Preparation: Clean and wash carefully the lamb, cut into pieces, pat dry and fry brown with a ...

Fregola con le Arselle
photo Fregola con le Arselle - Italian cooking recipes: Pasta, rice, dumplings, polenta, fregola and cuscus - Sardinia
Sardinia - Ingredients: 1 / 2 kg of clams medium 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil garlic cloves 2 1 / 2 parsley, chopped dried tomatoes taste 200 g Sardinian fregolina Preparation: Wash the mussels and let drain at least one hour in water and salt. After this time ...
photo Pesto - Italian cooking recipes: Sauces - Liguria
Liguria - Ingredients: (For 600g. Pasta) - Basil (Ocimum Basilicum): 50 grams of Basil leaves, preferably fresh and young, should be the one that has the minimum quality and variety provided for by the Regulations governing the proper use of the name "basil Genovese ", ...


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