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Wednesday October 18 2017
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Useful information to know and visit the Italian locations, from the smallest villages to the largest and most famous cities of art.


Capital of the Umbria region, in the heart of the Green Heart of Italy, Perugia is 176 km from Rome and 158 km from Florence. A1 along the highway, from north (Milan Bologna Florence), exit at Bettolle Valdichiana and, along the lake Trasimeno, you arrive in town. From the South (Rome), exit at Orte. Coming from the north-east (Brenner-Venice), take the E45 to Perugia. Traveling by train from Milan-Florence-Rome or Ancona, it changes to ...

Tourist accommodations

Some parties and festivals, events and exhibitions

Olive and Autumn Products Fair
Coriano - RN
Exhibition of typical agro-silvo-pastoral and craft products, debates and conferences, exhibitions on Romagna's rural civilization, olive oil and wine tastings, typical gastronomic stands with typical dishes ...
Sum Tiroler Fest
Somma Lombardo - VA
»Tyrol between us
Sum Tiroler Fest Saturday 6 (18.00 pm) and Sunday 7 October (all day) 2012 Market Square, Via Giuseppe Giusti - Somma Lombardo (VA) The decades pass and ...

Feast of Cococcia
Capistrello - AQ
06 November 2010 16 edition of the San Martino Cocktail Party organized by the Municipal Avis of Capistrello. The event provides an exhibition of all the Cococce prepared by big and small, each year participating ...
In rural realities, the traditional Thanksgiving Feast is linked to agresti traditions and religions that unite in order to show the joy of the harvest and the vintage agricultural well. Saturday 20 October ...

Places and attractions to visit - What to see

Archaeological Area of ​​Sovana
Sorano - GR
The Sovana Archaeological Area is located in the west of the town, along the road leading to San Martino on Fiora, and is also achieved by the spectacular Vie Cave that connect it to other local cemeteries, in the picturesque scenery of the Archaeological Park del Tufo. Sovana, in addition to ...
Monument to Eleanor
The monument to Eleanor (statue) is placed in the square in the heart of the historic center of Oristano. Opera celebratory executed by sculptor Ulysses Fields and architect Mariano Falcini, was inaugurated on May 22 1881.

Terme Taurine
Civitavecchia - Roma
The "Terme Taurine" I am a Roman archaeological site located in Civitavecchia, located isolated on a hill a few kilometers from the town, which enjoys lovely views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The baths were already described in the poet's diary ...
Castle Barumele
Ales - OR
(SEC. VI - XIII) The position of the castle of Barumele should be seen in the context of its history and that of Sardinia, from the time of Justinian and in any case from the Byzantine period, as revealed by the ruins of the same. It is a particular castle with a unique ...

thermal spas and wellness

Idroterme Olympus - Barano d'Ischia
Barano d'Ischia - NA
The Olympus Thermal Park is located in one of the most beautiful places on the island of Ischia, the famous beach Maronti. In this area of ​​the Borough of Barano temperatures of the subsoil reach high values, even in modest depth of excavation, resulting in widespread ...
Terme Redi - Montecatini Terme
Montecatini Terme - PT
Health, Wellness and Beauty - Montecatini Terme to offer year-round ... - The Health famous spa therapies, the result of research and effectiveness of traditional famous waters around the world. A complete system of services by experts and qualified medical teams. A ...

Sant'Omobono Terme - Source of Health - Sant'Omobono Terme
Sant'Omobono Terme - BG
SPA TREATMENTS INHALATIONS The reduced mineral water particles and carried by the steam is inhaled by the patient mainly reaching the high and medium airways with anti-inflammatory and humidifying action of the mucous membranes. AEROSOL Particles of smaller mineral water ...
Salvarola Spa & Balnea - Sassuolo
Sassuolo - MO
The Wellness Center Balnea, open days of 7 7, 2.300 offers sqm fully dedicated to wellness and psychophysical reactivation. A true oasis available to those who want to feel good, feel healthy and improve their well-being. Within the wide spaces overlooking the ...

Italian food and wine - traditional products and traditional products

photo Casu axedu, fruhe, frughe, frua merca, fiscidu, ... - Cheese
Sardinia - SYNONYM Fruh, Frughe, Frua, Merca, Fiscidu, Viscidu, Ischidu, Bìschidu, Vischidàle, Préta, Piéta, Casàdu, Cagiadda, Casu Agéru, Casu and Ditta, Latte ...
photo Loaves and saba, breads and sapa - Fresh pasta and bakery products, confectionery, biscuits and confectionery
Sardinia - Small weight of 200 / 300 gr. Characterized by the dark color of the cooked wine, intensely fragrant, consisting of white flour, yeast and "sapa" (a liquid obtained from the wine ...

photo Carasau, Carasatu bread, music paper - fresh pasta and bakery products, pastries, biscuits and confectionery
Sardinia - Bread with large leaves similar to crunchy, crunchy, waffle-shaped, waffle-shaped wafer, with a diameter varying between 15 and 40 cm and a few mm thick, with golden color, smell and taste ...
photo Caschettas - tiliccas - Fresh pasta and bakery products, confectionery, biscuits and confectionery
Sardinia - SYNTHETIC PRODUCT DESCRIPTION It features the most varied forms (horseshoe, ellipse, crescent, heart), the weight varies around the 16 / 17 g, the outer surface is friable ...

Italian cuisine - traditional recipes

photo Marraconis Filaus - pasta, rice, gnocchi, polenta, couscous and rutting
Sardinia - Ingredients: Bran very fine (hard wheat) flour (scetti Laccu) Water Rock Salt to taste Preparation: In a pastry mix the durum wheat flour with warm water, and melt the salt (without stirring). Knead the ingredients until a long ...
photo Bread Carasau to Onions - bread, pizza, focaccia and panadas
Sardinia - Ingredients: 4 bread sheets carasau 1 200 medium onion g of grated pecorino cheese Preparation: It is a very rustic appetizer, but not for this little flavor; It is prepera with absolute ease and with a minimum expenditure of time, but it is definitely very important ...

photo Cappelletti di Magro to the Romagna - pasta, rice, gnocchi, polenta, couscous and rutting
Emilia Romagna - Ingredients: (6 people) Ingredients for the filling: - 500 g. Ricotta - 500 g. Soft cheese "bazzotto" - 100 g. Parmesan - 2 eggs - a pinch of nutmeg Ingredients for the pastry: - 600 g. flour - eggs Preparation: Dissolve the ricotta in ...
photo Macaroons Sardinian 2 - Sweets
Sardinia - Ingredients: sweet almond 1 300 kg g bitter almonds 1,200-1,300 kg of sugar (depending on how much you want them to cakes) The peel of lemons 4-5 10-12 egg whites (depending on the size of ' egg) Sugar to cover Preparation: Normally almonds ...