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Thursday 17 August 2017
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The discovery of Italian Municipalities
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Guide to the villages and the italian City of Art

Useful information to know and visit the Italian locations, from the smallest villages to the largest and most famous cities of art.

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Rome is the capital of the Italian Republic, as well as capital of the province of Rome and the Lazio region; by virtue of its status as capital, administratively it is a special town. By definition, it is called the City, and eternal City. The city's motto is SPQR, Senatus Populus Que Romanus in Latin (the Senate and the Roman People), which in ancient times indicating the two classes that were the foundation of Roman society, ...

Tourist accommodations

Tourist welcome to the main Italian Art Cities

Guest houses and inns

Some parties and festivals, events and exhibitions

Festival of Strozzapreti
Capranica - VT
From 14 to 16 August to Capranica there is a gastronomic review about typical local dishes: dumplings and strozzapreti, pasta with only water and flour. There will be various stands, games, lotteries and shows ...
Wine Festival
Giacciano con Baruchella - RO
Piazzale El Camborio near the Post Office - Via A. De Gasperi Info: Tel. & Fax: 0425 50471 Covered Stand - Open 19.30 Clock Music show with smooth dance every evening beginning 21.00 - Sunday 06 / 09 at ...

RadioLibera Festival
Alatri - FR
24, 25, August 26 2012 RADIOLIBERAFESTIVAL All music can Centro Storico - Alatri (FR) FREE ENTRY Great excitement in anticipation of three evenings of fun and joy
Festival of Sfilatino Stuffed
Ururi - CB
L'appuntamento estivo con le sagre molisane continua il 10 Agosto ad Ururi, un piccolo e vivace comune del Basso Molise con la prima Sagra dello Sfilatino Farcito. Troverete 10 tipi di farciture, tra cui diversi prodotti tipici: ...

Places and attractions to visit - What to see

Castle of Antognolla
The Antognolla Castle is situated on the northern slopes of Mount Tezio. Its name comes from the Antognolla or Antognolli, one of the most ancient and noble families of Perugia, who lived in Porta Santa Susanna and of which we talk a lot in the news since the twelfth century. The era of ...
Castle Vinciprova
Pollica - SA
The Vinciprova Castle was built in the eighteenth century by the Ripoli family, originally from Pollica but from Spain. In 1888 he belonged to Joseph Sodano, the town's mayor, who later sold it to Vinciprova of Omignano. At this Lion family that belonged ...

Baronial Castle
Sant'Antimo - NA
The center of the town developed slowly before the year 1000 and later, during the rule of the dynasty of the Swabians, became a baronial fief under the control of the Filangieri family. After the advent of the Angevin, the estate was granted to the Banner family until 1566, ...
Castello Carrarese
The origins Castle Carrara is one of the most important historical, architectural, artistic and military of Padua. The old building is the area that housed the castle built by Ezzelino III da Romano, tyrant of the city from the 1237 1256, ...

thermal spas and wellness

Vinadio - Vinadio
Vinadio - CN
The spa - The Spa Vinadio is located within an area rich in natural beauty and cultural evidence: real proud of this part of the province of Cuneo, is the spa, exceptional value complex, known since the ancient Romans . The treatments offered ...
Grace Resort Spa & Wellness - Lacco Ameno
Lacco Ameno - NA
Surrounded by lush vegetation and a charming private park of 15000 m sup2 ;, & Hotel Grazia Terme has a health club reserved for you and a terrace where guests can enjoy breakfast while admiring the view of the "Monte Epomeo" and the sea. Located a short distance from ...

President Terme Hotel - Abano Terme
Abano Terme - PD
Situated in Abano Terme, Hotel Due Torri is overlooking Montirone Park, and features an elegant atmosphere, 3 thermal pools and a luxury spa. The rooms are spacious, decorated in typical Venetian style and equipped with all modern amenities, including air conditioning, satellite TV ...
Terme Hotels Salus - Viterbo
Featuring free spa and gourmet restaurant with several swimming pools, a Jacuzzi and a sauna, Hotel Salus Terme is located just outside the center of Viterbo, and features a garden, elegant rooms, and gourmet restaurant, also offers Wi-Fi Free. The center ...

Italian food and wine - traditional products and traditional products

photo Sebadas, seadas, sebada - fresh pasta and bakery products, pastries, biscuits and confectionery
Sardinia - Sweet to cook fried, usually of circular shape, with a stuffed cheese of slightly pecorino cheese (flavored with lemon or grated orange peel) covered with a pasta ...
photo Coppa Piacentina DOP - the processed meats
Italy - The protected designation of origin "Coppa Piacentina" is reserved for the delicatessen product that meets the conditions and requirements laid down in this ...

photo butter - fats (butter, margarine, oils)
Valle d'Aosta - Among the officially recognized products there are different types of butter, the product whose origin is lost in the night of the times: the beast, the butter of the outgrowth obtained through the ...
photo rotten cheese - Cheese
Sardinia - Product description: Cheese whose pasta can have a texture that ranges from soft to creamy spreadable, obtained from different types of cheese cheese, whose characteristics ...

Italian cuisine - traditional recipes

photo Rigatoni with Pagliata (Pajata) - Pasta, rice, gnocchi, polenta, couscous and rutting
Lazio - Ingredients: (For 4 people) gr Rigatoni 300 1 kg pagliata ox 1 1 1 ciuflo onion celery parsley garlic 1 50 grams of fat ham pulp 2 tomatoes oil salt pepper grated pecorino. Preparation: Raise a little skin ...
photo Lamb with Saffron - Meat
Sardinia - Ingredients: 800 g lamb 1 teaspoon saffron garlic cloves 2 1 2 dried tomatoes bunch of parsley extra virgin olive oil salt pepper Preparation: Clean and wash carefully the lamb, cut into pieces, pat dry and fry brown with a ...

photo Marraconis Filaus - pasta, rice, gnocchi, polenta, couscous and rutting
Sardinia - Ingredients: Bran very fine (hard wheat) flour (scetti Laccu) Water Rock Salt to taste Preparation: In a pastry mix the durum wheat flour with warm water, and melt the salt (without stirring). Knead the ingredients until a long ...
photo Sarde a Beccafico - Fish and shellfish
Sicily - Ingredients: (For 4 people) sardines 16 1 rather large glass of oil tablespoons breadcrumbs 3 70 70 grams of raisins pinenuts a bit of sugar the sprig of parsley 1 / 2 onion bay leaves the 1 orange juice salt and ...